Expressions. Handsome young man in suit feeling fear with open mouth and closing eyes with hands

What To Say In Sticky Situations

(Forbes first published my article here.) You’ve probably heard the old joke about the socially awkward woman whose friend set her up with a...

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Climber helps ascent of two climbers on a mountain top

“Just Trust Me on This, Ok?” 6 Reasons They Don’t and How to Rebuild

(Forbes first published my article here.) “So what are your responsibilities here?” I asked Cheryl, the senior manager seated beside me at the...

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Young woman interviewing a guest in a studio for a podcast

How to Ditch Drawbacks and Increase Credibility

(Forbes first published my article here.) We’ve heard all these or similar comments before—but they keep coming: —“The culture here...

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Businessman exercising with dumbbells and working on a computer

Building Bench Strength in 2023

As I walked into the training center of a large oil company a few years ago, an unfamiliar face greeted me. “Hi, I’m Dale,” he said. “I hope...

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What’s Your Potential to Be Profound When You Communicate?

Words can change lives, careers, and organizations forever. Because of words, leaders have fallen. Businesses have gone bankrupt. Wars have killed...

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Ebony businessman talking by phone in office cafe

Following Up When People Fail to Do What They Say

The client doesn’t return your call. The doctor’s office forgets to call with the test results. A colleague never makes the introduction she...

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